Counselling for Singles

For people going through breakups or stressful situations

I offer counselling to single clients who may be going through a difficult breakup or stressful personal, or financial, situations. Whether the client is separated, divorced or a single person, we review the issues which create discomfort and enable you to move on with confidence. 

Where you may be having difficulties dealing with past relationships we can find ways to help you move on.

For those who are struggling to move forwards with new relationships, we look at frindships including if useful possibilities of internet dating.


The problems I offer counselling for include:

  • AngerThis can be a real burden and with a cognitive and behavioural approach I can support you to manage this in the best possible way.
  • DepressionThe reason and type of depression is looked at and we work to find the best way for you to manage this
  • Separation or divorce If you are going through this, we can talk through the emotional, financial, or child-related difficulties. I am also a qualified mediator and can help you to manage situations of conflict arising. 
  • Asperger's syndromeDifficulties encountered can be reduced with work on the patterns and how you can manage through learning skills.
  • Internet addiction - I can advise on life-style changes to tackle this 
  • Abuse of alcohol or drugsOften related to deep seated past issues, I am able to help you look into finding a way to an improved life-style.
  • Difficulties with religionIf you are struggling in this situation I have experience of helping through the issues and supporting you to find a peaceful way to better manage.
  • SexualityWe discuss and work through your difficulties and where, exceptionally,  there is a clear need I support you to contact a psycho-sexual therapist.
  • Bereavement - This can be traumatic and I offer you support to manage in the least distressful way possible.
  • Single parenting challenges - Whatever the reason for your difficulties we look at the issues and find a solution that enables you to see a better future.

If you would like more information or want to make an appointment, please call 07906  7717 706 (in UK) or +44 7906 717 706 (international). Alternatively, you can use the contact form to send me an email.