Online Counselling

Online Telephone Email Counselling

I offer online counselling to couples, families and individual clients. I help people make the changes they want in their lives and offer support for a wide range of mental challenges. 

Online counselling is a useful alternative to face-to-face counselling for people who can't make it to the counsellor, have difficulties with their time schedule or live abroad.

With today's busy and complex schedules, relationships and family life I recognise it is frequently inconvenient for you to come to my counselling office so I offer a maximum number of facilities to enable you to counsel. You may also live in an out of the way location. I also offer international support.

As with my office counselling I work within the BACP guidelines for safety, confidentiality and respect.

 From Your Home 

I make home visits, and depending on distance can balance the cost of travel by making sessions longer than the standard hour. For any client I can make a cost-effective proposal to suit their needs.

 Online: Skype and Facetime

Both the client and the counsellor need to ensure the confidentiality in the communication. I use Skype or FaceTime for the sessions. A reliable Internet connection is essential. My experience has shown that online sessions can be as good as face to face counselling. People living in different geographical areas can also be involved online. Equally in couple or family work you can sit side by side and feel almost as connected as in face to face counselling.

Telephone Counselling

As for online work, the confidentiality has to be assured.

Although there is no visual communication the voice communication works really well in most cases. We can talk the issues through and I manage to give support as required in spite of the client and I not seeing each other. I can call either a landline or mobile number. Another form of phone communication over the internet is VIBER.

Email counselling or texting

These counselling methods take longer to get to the difficulties but are useful where there is not a reliable internet or phone connect or to avoid being over-heard when confidentiality is difficult to manage.