From some of my former clients

You can read below some of the feedback I received from my clients for both online,phone counselling and face-to-face sessions. I am using an anonymous format to respect their confidentiality.

Adult and Family Counselling:

A married couple in their mid thirties (one of whom had an affair) after 10 sessions:

“Accolade for saving our marriage.”

A depressed man, after 22 sessions:

“sincere thanks for supporting me through a difficult family time and helping me recognise my life successes.”

A family of three, after 10 sessions:

“many thanks for helping us improve relations with our teenage daughter.”

A woman in her fifties, after 2 sessions:

“I appreciated getting support after my partner of 13 years ended the relationship.”

A man in his thirties, after 5 sessions:

“thanks for your support in recognising that my partner is likely to be suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder.”

A couple: the man is in his fifties, woman in her thirties:

“Grateful thanks. Now my partner accepts to have a child.”


Student Counselling:

A 20 year old student, suffering from sleep difficulties, depression and anger:

“All the counselling sessions have been great. It helped me a lot. I feel I can handle anything.”

A 16 year old student, suffering from stress and depression:

“Counselling helped –I learned a lot about myself and how to act.”

A 37 year old student, suffering from emotional trauma and stress:

“Counselling helped – I remembered to look to the way forward and become calmer.”

A 22 year old student, wanting to reduce anger and rebuild confidence:

“Counselling helped me to recognise ways to stop.”

A 17 year old student, upset due to break-up of relationship:

“Counselling helped me rebuild confidence and look at positive aspects.”

A 19 year old student, with work-stress difficulties:

“Counselling helped  me to express myself and organise my priorities.”

A 37 year old student, self-harming:

“Counselling helped me to say what I feel inside.”


Mediation Counselling:

A married couple in their fifties, after 7 sessions:

“Thanks for your support in helping us come to a final settlement in our financial and family disagreements.”

Family following the death of an aged family member:

“Many thanks for your help in managing financial issues to do with illness and testament.”

A group in an office dispute:

“We’re grateful that you helped each of us to recognise the others’ way of seeing the issues and reconciling.”

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