What makes counselling a success?

Online Counselling Metholodogy

Each client is a unique individual with different needs from every other client. I use a combination of the following techniques, depending on the client:

Psycho-dynamic counselling: the classic Freudian method; going into what happened to you as a child and working on the assumption that this is fundamental to the way you see life today.

Systemic counselling: asking questions in a gentle way that brings out the things that are going wrong. It can result in the client seeing things differently.

Re-authoring: helping people rewrite their personal programming (or script) in a way that makes them see life differently. It's a powerful tool and I use it quite a lot.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): a very popular method these days. CBT is based on working out what's going wrong and identifying the circular patterns in your head, that make you return to what's making you feel unhappy. The client makes notes every day; identifying bad thoughts. We discuss about how the client will behave differently so they don't go down that path anymore.

Mindfulness is very useful when people are depressed. It's a useful coping skill that can help people find a better way of seeing life.

Existential Counselling: how to look into the future rather than the past.

Transactional analysis: about the child, parent and adult state. If things go wrong we often start stamping our feet and going into our child mode. When we tell people what to do, we are in our parent mode. Ideally, we should be in our adult mode.

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