Peter Lindsay Counselling Certifications and Courses

Courses I have attended

Association of Family Therapy

  • Wrestling With Restraints and Embracing Resources in Therapy and Supervision; Manchester 23rd October 2015
  • Annual AFT Meeting; Durham 16th-17th April 2015

Khiron House London

  • Traumatic Attachment and Co-regulation:the Neurobiology of Relationship – a seminar by Janine Fisher; London 26th-27th January 2015

Psychotherapy UK

  • Managing Difficult Therapeutic Relationships by Margot Schiemann, Manchester 8th November 2014
  • Understanding and Working with Individuals with Autism by Jenny Ronayne,  Manchester 20th October 2014
  • Shame: the Hidden Core of Mental Disturbance by Dr Phil Mollon,  Manchester 2nd May 2014
  • Life at the Edge: An Exploration of Borderline Personality Disorder, by Anita Stokes. Manchester, 27th Oct 2012
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression, by Patrizia Collard. Manchester, 19th May 2012
  • Working with shame and Self-esteem, by M Yudkin. Manchester, 25th Feb 2012

Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust

  • Transference Focused Psychotherapy Workshop: Frank Dennning, 21st July 2014

Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA)

  • Emotional Intelligence – Viv Thackray-Dutton, Manchester, 9th April 2014


  • Essential Skills for Short Term Counselling, by Michael Owens. Manchester, 4th April 2014


  • Mindfulness: Sex and Relationship Therapy, by Meg Barker. 24th March 2014, Manchester
  • Depressive Conditions, by James Moore. Leeds, 3rd November 2012
  • Aspergers in the Bedroom, by Maxine Aston. Birmingham, 28th Sept 2012
  • Personality Disorders, by James Moore. Leeds, 14th Sept 2012
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for Self-harm, by Andrew Reeves. Manchester, 20th July 2012
  • Aspergers Syndrome – Maxine Aston, Manchester, 13th July 2012
  • Anxiety Compulsive Disorder and Eating Disorders -James Moore, 3rd March 2012
  • Creating Mindfulness Moments, by Chris Hannah; a Macmillan  course. Llandudno, 3rd – 4th  Dec 2011
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, by M. Whyte. Manchester, 1st, 2nd, 15th, 16th Oct 2011
  • Telephone Counselling, by Julie Gossage. 19th – 20th Nov. 2010
  • Mental Health and Couple Counselling, by Neil Clarke. 23rd July 2010
  • Domestic Violence Assessment (DVA) and Individual Structured Interview (ISI), by trainer Lyn Moody. London, 29th Oct 2009
  • Domestic Violence:  Abuse Assessment and Intervention. Woking,19 June 2009
  • Working with Sexual Issues in Systemic Therapy. Manchester, 12 June 2009
  • 6 June 2009: Affairs -London 8 May and 5 June 2009 Working with Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse in the Context of Couple Counselling -Woking
  • Jan – Mar 2009: Counselling Clients by Email
  • 29 Nov 2008 Working with the sexual problem in Couple Therapy

London Institute of Family therapy

  • Just in Time or Too Late – Restoring Intimacy or Ending Amicably with Last Chance Couples, by Peter Fraenkel. A joint Relate course. London, 9th July 2009

Psychotherapy Networker

  • Couple Therapy – 6 Session Webinar, 2nd December 2013
  • Treating Anxiety Webinar, 21st March 2013

Compass Liverpool

  • Identifying Vulnerability in Grief, by Dr Linda Machin. Liverpool, 26th October 2013


  • Eating Disorders – A psychoanalytic Approach, by Dr Geraldine Shipton. Manchester, 28th September 2013

Pesso Boyden UK

  • Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) Emotional Healing, by Sally Potter. Manchester, 29th June 2013

Safeguarding Children Board

  • Child Protection Awareness, by Jenny Gibbs. Wrexham, 9th Oct 2012

Leeds Family Therapy and Research Centre

  • Thinking with Families, Working with Families, by Paula Boston and Marie McGovern. Leeds, 23rd Feb 2011

Family Mediators Association

  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) Family Mediation course, April – July 2010

Jim Wilson

  • Child Focused Practice. London, 10th July 2009

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